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What is 3D Scanning?
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Easy 3D Scanning Services

Easy 3D is happy to inform you that the company provides diverse 3D scanning services, in high quality and high resolution.
The 3D Scanning is performed by using advanced and designated 3D scanners for different purposes:

  • Reverse Engineering of engineered objects in different sizes
  • Quality Assurance of singular parts or series
  • Jewelry scanning and gold/silver crafting
  • Digitalization of art objects
  • Medical Models
  • Archeological exhibits

Solutionix's scanners are capable of up to 15-micron scanning accuracy and in the highest resolution. Using Solutionix scanners assure rapidness and reliability comparing to competitive systems in the market.
The scanners are based on white/blue scanning platform, contact free of the surface examined. The scanners are suitable for objects in different sizes of simple geometry to objects rich in details.

The new laser scanner by Nikon – which is well known for its uncompromising optics – enables high resolution and most accurate scanning of objects sized in cm's to objects sized in meters. The revolutionized and reliable result is allowed due to the data sync in the space, performed by a flexible probing arm which stands under sever standards. The scanner is able to scan almost any surface, including metallic and shiny, without powdering.

Reverse Engineering
Scanning diversed objects in high resolution and accuracy, to create points' cloud and data processing with the surfacing or feature modeling and into files in different formatsknown and suitable to use in CAD.

Quality Assurance and comparison
Objects' scanning in preliminary stages or after massive manufacturing, comparing to the original CAD file or diffrent scanning. Comparison detailed reports are issued after the scanning. The reports include a color deviation display upon the object, section comparison, T&GD comparison, measurements comparison, statistics of a manufactured serie and additionl analysis possibilities required by the customer.
3D Scanning of Art objects, collections, archeology etc., in order to make it possible for the objects to be processed in a digitalized environment for 3D animations, illustrations, digitalized archives, computer simulations, resize art objects for 3D printing etc


What is 3D Scanning?

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